Clients fleeced in worthless SIM card scam

Former employees of a telecoms company have spilt the beans on how their bosses allegedly made them scam and intimidate customers into buying worthless SIM cards for R500 each. Regnum Solutions, previously based in Benoni, Ekurhuleni, before it relocated to Durban last week, is said to have left a string of angry customers who were duped into buying SIM cards that were supposed to give them free airtime for five years. The company, which on its website claims to have business interests with top cellular network providers such as TelkomRead More

FNB warning – SARS eFiling scam in South Africa

FNB is warning its customers about an increase in banking scams in South Africa. “In an attempt to steal personal details, fraudsters often send emails with attachments purporting to be a payment notification or bank statement,” said FNB. The bank used an example of a SARS scam that is currently doing the rounds ahead of the country’s “tax season” – which starts on 1 July.

Post Office warns public of ‘package steal’

Fraudsters are going old school with their latest “419” scam – targeting potential victims not via email‚ but with the delivery of a parcel. The SA Post Office on Thursday warned people about how the scam works. You get a sealed package delivered to your doorstep or workplace‚ bearing the branding of the SA Post Office’s courier division‚ Speed Services.

Beware of online United States visa scams

South Africans heading to the United States and wanting to apply for a visa exemption must watch out for “shady operators” online. South Africans heading to the United States and wanting to apply for a visa exemption must watch out for “shady operators” online, according to a report in the Sunday Times. The report stated that several websites and email scams are currently trying to trick travellers into believing they are US government affiliates which can help them apply for the exemption.

Scam alert: telephonic deals offering discount cards

The City Press has alerted South Africans to a telephonic scam where a company promises you a discount card – which can be used for airtime, electricity, and groceries. If you agree to the card deal, money will be deducted from your bank account via a debit order. However, many people have reported they never received the promised discount card. The City Press said this type of scam is not uncommon, and that people often do not realise what they are agreeing to.

Beware of new WhatsApp Vodacom Call Sponsor scam

A new scam is resulting in nasty bills for Vodacom subscribers. Vodacom subscribers have reported a scam over WhatsApp that tricks them into accepting charges for another subscriber. The scam starts when the scammer gains access to a victim’s contact list, and sends WhatsApp messages to some of the numbers they obtain.

MTN, Vodacom warn on billing scam

Scammers are trying to steal cash from prepaid subscribers, claiming that people have used a massive amount of data on smartphones. Some Fin24 users on prepaid mobile service have received phone calls from people claiming to represent Vodacom or MTN, and demanding payment for data bundles exceeding R2 500. But it is likely a scam.

Pyramid scheme allegations are baseless – accused

The man fingered in a pyramid scheme has denied allegations that he collected about R100m from unsuspecting members of the public. The Hawks put an end to the scheme operating out of Parow, Cape Town, last week after a crackdown in conjunction with the Financial Intelligence Centre and the Financial Services Board.

Warning over local Microsoft phone scam

Fraudsters are masquerading as software company Microsoft in a telephone scam targeted at tricking consumers and companies out of thousands of rands. “Many users” in South Africa are receiving phone calls from these fraudsters, according to Christopher Riley who is the chief executive of laptop and accessories retailer The Notebook Company. Riley explained in a statement on Tuesday that these fraudsters pretend to be Microsoft officials who tell users that there is a problem with their PCs.

Beware of changing of banking details scam

The City of Johannesburg warned its customers to be aware of a change of banking details e-mail scam. City of Johannesburg director of customer communications, Kgamanyane Maphologela said at no point will the City send its clients an e-mail regarding information of a sensitive nature. “We therefore urge all our customers if they receive such suspicious e-mails to alert the City,” Maphologela said.

Latest scam targets home PC users

Banking authorities warned consumers on Monday against a new scam designed to trick people into compromising their personal information. “The latest scam targets home computer users and is masqueraded as legitimate telephonic calls from reputable computer software stores,” the SA Banking Risk information Centre (Sabric) said on Monday. The “stores” advised victims their systems were faulty or compromised and needed urgent remedial action, Sabric said in a statement.

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