Politicians’ bloated wages insult the poor

Percentage increases allow politicians to claim that they are being short-changed. But what are the actual yearly increase and salary amounts? If you hadn’t already noticed the ever-expanding waistlines of most of our politicians – a tell-tale sign of a political class feeding feverishly at the public trough – then you might have missed the latest bulging of their other “stomach”: salaries. The Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers recommended a sliding scale of hikes, with nothing for those earning more than R1-million per year. But

Government spending – R2 billion wasted, R26.4 billion irregular: AG

Government entities racked up more than R2 billion in wasteful expenditure in the past financial year and incurred another R26.4bn in irregular spending, the Auditor General said on Wednesday. In both instances, the transgression increased by more than a third since the previous financial year, AG Thembekile Makwetu told Parliament’s watchdog public accounts committee, Scopa. Makwetu reported that unauthorised expenditure came to R2.3bn, noting that little progress had been made in reducing the extent since 2011.

State gravy train unstoppable for now

Millions of rands of taxpayers’ money are continuing to pour into the pockets of public servants who do business with the state. The chairman of the City of Johannesburg’s group audit committee, Jocelyn Armstrong, said the situation will persist until public servants are banned from being given contracts by the government. Armstrong said in October that the city had no effective way of verifying that service providers were not municipal employees .

A-G: R31bn down drain

Government departments and other public entities wasted almost R31-billion in unauthorised, irregular and fruitless spending during the financial year to the end of March. This is according to a consolidated general audit report for the 2012-2013 financial year released in parliament yesterday by outgoing auditor-general Terence Nombembe. Nombembe lambasted the government for not implementing his recommendations for improving financial controls.

2 638 officials guilty of corruption since 2004: Zuma

A total of 2638 officials were found guilty of misconduct between September 2004 and August 31 this year, President Jacob Zuma said. “At the provincial level, a total of 1728 officials were found guilty of misconduct related to corrupt activities while 910 officials were found guilty of misconduct for corrupt activities at national departments,” Zuma told editors at a breakfast briefing in Pretoria. “A total of 491 officials were suspended and 1600 were dismissed from the public service.”

State coffers bled white

Nearly R1-billion lost through fraud in the public service has not been recovered. Government departments have managed to get less than R1-million back into the state’s coffers. The Public Service Commission has found that the public service lost R932.3-million to financial misconduct in the 2010-2011 financial year.

SAIRR bemoans wasted R24.8 billion of government money

Wasteful government spending of R24.8 billion  could have been used for numerous projects to the benefit of South Africans, the SA Institute of Race Relations said on Monday. (The SAIRR was responding to the Auditor General report that found provincial departments and entities had incurred R24.8 billion in “unauthorised, irregular, wasteful, and fruitless expenditure”) “We have become so inured to seeing examples of corruption and wasteful expenditure running into millions and billions of rand that it is easy to forget quite how much money this really is and what couldRead More

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