Shapely passenger lands unwelcome attention from airport security

It was the “unusual body shape” of a Seychelles-bound passenger that caught the eye of security staff at OR Tambo International Airport on Friday.

But her enhanced figure was not natural. She needed seven bras to support two bricks of cocaine weighting a total of 1.04kg.

Airports Company South Africa security staff stopped the busty passenger at a security checkpoint for Terminal A‚ said airport spokesperson Leigh Gunkel-Keuler

During a private search‚ security staff discovered the two bricks of cocaine. She was handed over to the police. “We are fast approaching the festive season and it is very common for criminals to use this period to their advantage‚” said Gunkel-Keuler.

“We appreciate that at busy holiday times some people may be tempted to offer or to take short cuts. We urge airport users not to offer or pay bribes and to report suspicious activity. People should also be aware that the law provides for prosecution not only of those soliciting bribes‚ but also of those who offer them or pay them.”


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