‘Fumigators’ knock out homeowners with gas, rob Germiston houses

According to police, the suspects tell homeowners they are there to get rid of rats and sprays a gas that knocks the owners unconscious.

Residents of Wychwood and Malvern East, in Germiston, are warned to be on high alert as police have identified a new house robbery modus operandi, reports the Germiston City News.

“We have received reports of two men who are allegedly robbing homes by posing as fumigators.

“It is reported that the men will tell homeowners that they are there to get rid of rats before spraying a gas that knocks the owners unconscious,” explained Primrose police spokesperson Sergeant Styles Maome.

The men will then allegedly make off with goods before the victims wake up.

“Our community should be extra careful about letting strangers into their homes.

“Know the person you are letting in – don’t just open the door,” encouraged Maome.


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