It has come to the City’s attention that there is fraud happening with so called “debt collection” companies.  Some customers have been receiving “Urgent special disconnection notices” from certain debt collection companies.

These letters have the logos of the City of Johannesburg, City Power and Joburg Water on them and at first glance look legit.  The following companies are the only ones which do debt collection on behalf of the City of Johannesburg:

•    Bham & Dahya
•    Mojela Hlazo Practice
•    Norman Bissett And Associates Group (Pty) Ltd
•    Nozuko Nxusani
•    Bontle Buhle Trading Enterprises and Moloto Stofile Inc JV
•    HR (Ramatshila) Attorneys I Sithole Inc
•    Mathipane Tsebane Attorneys
•    Moodie & Robertson
•    Denga Inc
•    Makaula Zilwa (Gauteng) Inc
•    Ramushu Mashile Twala Inc
•    Mabuza Hewa Incorporated
•    Madhlopa
•    Mageza-Samuels (Pty) Ltd
•    Ranamane Phungo Inc
•    Selolo Ramashilo
•    In – Quest
•    NICS
•    Revco  ( J/V  Mohamed Randera )
•    Talk of The Office
•    Dali Mantlana
•    Intshebe Inv 4 Pty
•    Medaco
•    VVM
•    KRB
•    Debt – In
•    MBD
•    TS Legal  ( J/V Ramsurjoo & du Plessis )

If you receive any letter other than one of the above listed companies or you are unsure, please contact us immediately by logging a call with the Call Centre on 0860 Joburg.

Municipal account holders are advised that they should be very careful when paying their accounts.  There are various ways in which customers can pay their municipal accounts.  

Customers can go in person to any of our Customer Service Centers across the City or at the Post Office.  Please note that only cash is accepted here and no credit or debit cards are accepted.

If they are paying at a third party vendor such as Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers Hyper etc. they should bring along their municipal account when making a payment in order to ensure that the account number is shown as reference on the receipt.  Payment can be made at any third party vendor in cash, by cheques, by debit or credit card.  (American Express and Diner’s Club cards are not accepted).  Please also note that it will take up to five days for the payment to register with the City of Johannesburg.

Paying by debit order allow customers to meet their monthly obligation with ease.  It will save interest charges on arrears and customer’s accounts will always be up to date.  Visit a Customer Service Centre and fill out a debit order form.

The City’s bank account details are as follows:

BRANCH CODE:  632005
BENEFICIARY:  City of Johannesburg
ACCOUNT NUMBER:  4054398463
REFERENCE NUMBER:  Your nine (9) digit account number (as per your statement).

We urge customers to be vigilant and report any suspicious behavior or fraudulent activities to the City’s fraud hotline (0800 002 587) or Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (0800 203 712).

We urge customers to report any suspicious behavior or corruption by calling our Fraud Hotline number 0800 002 587. All sources and information provided are treated in confidence.

Customers that have queries can log a query with Joburg Connect at (011) 375-5555 or email them at

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