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Fight Against Crime – Your Crime Information Hub

Fight Against Crime was formed in May 2010 and consists of concerned individuals, associations and businesses who have had enough of crime.

There is no single entity that can manage crime and we can only win this war if we work together and support all community, public and private organisations in the Fight Against Crime.

Our primary objective is COMMUNICATION of crime related information – whether its anonymous tip offs to police, alerting you with the latest criminal incidents in your neighbourhood or the latest scams and tips and tricks to make it more difficult for the criminals to rob or hijack you and your family.

The Fight Against Crime website and information service is a networking and communication tool to keep you informed as to whats happening with crime in your area.

We’ve added important features and links through our partnerships with organisations such as Corruption Watch and Turn It Around – South Africa’s largest community policing network who have provided all their tools and technology FREE of charge to help South Africa in its Fight Against Crime. Some of our features include:

CRIME MAPS – real time incidents as reported by your neighbours and others;
FREE SMS AND EMAIL ALERTS – free sms, email and twitter alerts of incidents in your area;
NATIONAL NEWS – media reports on current crime issues and incidents
CORRUPTION WATCH – read the details of dodgy deals and tender scams and report any incidents of corruption
COMMUNITY – safety tips, discussion forums and other interactive features
CRIMESTATS SA – the latest and historic South African crime statistics in an easy-to-understand format

If you have information regarding criminal and/or illegal activities such as below, send it to us and unless you specify otherwise, all messages and tip offs are considered confidential:

  •     suspicious activities, people, locations, vehicles;
  •     drug related activities, people, locations
  •     bribery, corruption, pay offs, etc
  •     illegal activities
  •     criminal incidents – house and business burglaries, armed  robberies, hi jackings,etc

Don’t miss another alert in your area – join the anti crime network in your area today… Click here to signup for your free subscription or send us your name, cell (for sms alerts) and email to: info@fightagainstcrime.co.za and we will register you.

Thank you for supporting us. Together We Can.



Working together we can do more…

11 Jan 2013

Government commends and highly appreciates the role played by communities in assisting the South African Police Service in their fight against crime. The role of community involvement in assisting the police to arrest suspected criminals is imperative to achieving one of government’s five priorities, which is fighting crime and corruption.

Recent cases such as the safe return of baby Revelation Jones in Johannesburg last night and the arrest of an alleged drug kingpin in KwaZulu-Natal, yesterday, are clear examples of the importance and gains of social cohesion.

GCIS Acting CEO, Phumla Williams, said “Government calls on society to continue strengthening collective efforts to reduce crime in communities. This will assist in ensuring that lawlessness is not tolerated in our country. Government also acknowledges the synergy between SAPS and the community in their common endeavor to realize the country’s goal of achieving a society that is non- tolerant of crime”.

Members of the public are reminded that South Africa’s crime line (32211 or Tip- offs can also be sent electronically via www.crimeline.co.za) is a useful tool that allows them to make anonymous SMS tip-off on suspected crimes.  We encourage members of the community to make use of this number and other facilities such as police stations to report all suspected and potential criminal activities.

“This collaborated and unified approach to fighting crime is important to accomplish the goal of achieving a better life for all and of ensuring that all South Africans are and feel safe”, said Williams.   Story

Editor’s note:

Fight Against Crime has been commended for its initiative, efforts and contribution to the fight against crime by the Executive of the Gauteng Community Policing Forum Board during a meeting with the GCPF Executive, SAPS and the Executive of the Midrand CPF.

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