August, 2016


The Rhino policing plan – What does R27 million get you?

The City of Johannesburg has rolled out a new R27 million fleet of riot control and disaster management by Metro Police officers‚ and they are armed to the teeth with useful gadgets. On Tuesday the Johannesburg Metro Police Department unveiled its latest addition to ensuring public safety‚ four mobile command units and two riot vehicles. The mobile command units – buses that have been pimped out – boast computers‚ internal and external high definition 400 metre range cameras and a mini boardroom.

R250m VAT fraudster’s sentence should be a lesson – NPA and Hawks

The 20-year jail term handed down to convicted fraudster Johannes van Staden on Friday was welcomed by both the Hawks and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA). Regional NPA spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila said they were “delighted” by the Western Cape High Court’s ruling. Van Staden, 54, was sentenced for conducting a multi-million rand fishing business as a front for submitting false VAT returns.

Scammers pish money from subscribers who pirate series

Fraudsters are using internet service providers to phish money from subscribers who pirate TV series. The scammers have been sending fake emails of demand for copyright infringements to the service providers that look so authentic they were passed on to their subscribers‚ TorrentFreak reported. In a professionally worded email‚ the account holder connected to an IP-address is accused by the fake HBO of downloading a pirated copy of Game of Thrones and warned that if the recipient does not settle for a few hundred dollars it will take legal action.

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