June, 2016


How crime hurts new tech businesses in South Africa

The high cost associated with crime in South Africa is one of the major reasons why many new computer businesses fail. This is according to Esquire CEO Mahomed Cassim. Cassim said Esquire has seen a significant increase in new resellers from brick and mortar stores over the last few years. “However, crimes such as shoplifting and internal theft have a major impact on business, and are a big factor as to why so many brick and mortar start-ups fail in the first few of years of trading,” said Cassim.

Barberton WhatsApp stokvel ends in tears

Mpumalanga police are investigating a WhatsApp stokvel after hundreds of angry locals threatened to burn down the house of the scheme’s administrator. “I will personally come and burn this house if I don’t get my money back,” one woman, who asked not to be named, told African Eye News Service. Police confiscated stokvel registers from the administrator’s house in Emjindini township following the attempted arson attack, Barberton police station commander, Colonel Sunbright Ndlovu told AENS on Thursday.

FNB warning – SARS eFiling scam in South Africa

FNB is warning its customers about an increase in banking scams in South Africa. “In an attempt to steal personal details, fraudsters often send emails with attachments purporting to be a payment notification or bank statement,” said FNB. The bank used an example of a SARS scam that is currently doing the rounds ahead of the country’s “tax season” – which starts on 1 July.

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