May, 2014


There IS something wrong with crime rate

It is a shocking affront to the intelligence of all South Africans that a deputy cabinet minister can say all is well in the criminal justice system, says Robin Carlisle. Cape Town – Deputy Minister of Justice John Jeffery’s reply to my contention that the criminal justice system had collapsed (See Related Artciles above) could not miss the point more widely. It is not the police, the prosecutors or the magistrates that are responsible for the crime catastrophe in South Africa. It is the political bosses like Jeffery and formerRead More

Police host ibizo

Midrand police and Midrand Community Policing Forum are hosting a community meeting at Ambrosia hall on Allan Road in Glen Austin on 7 June. The meeting will start at 8.30am. Midrand police communications officer Constable Matome Tlamela said all community members were invited to join. Details: 011 347 1616.

Restaurant scams we should all know about

Here’s the low-down of a few schemes and scams restauranteurs have up their sleeves. Somebody rang me up recently and booked his daughter onto one of my wine courses. He sent a booking form and said he’d EFT the payment – but when I looked in my account instead of R1,600, he’d apparently sent across R62,000!! He claimed his accountant had made a mistake and could we please refund him the balance?

Dud ID scams hit property sales

Identity fraud has started to hit property owners, with properties being sold to unsuspecting buyers and without the real owners knowing about it. The Daily News has identified eight instances where properties have been sold, and in some the transfer had gone through the Deeds Office, without the knowledge of the true landowners. In one instance two brothers had paid R165 000 cash for a house, and had done R50 000 in renovations when the real owner returned from his rural home and found renovations in progress.

Awareness – the best prevention

We all know about the unacceptable levels of crime in South Africa, a murder every 30 minutes (Afghanistan’s murder rate is 13 times less), a rape every 26 seconds, grievous bodily harm cases over 500 per day. The issue is we need to face up to the reality to avoid becoming a victim, saying that we need to strike a balance so we can have a life – we’re sensible but not paranoid. The central key to this is not weapons or alarms;it’s seeing the threat before an attack.

Drunk cop fled scene, says accident victim

A crime intelligence officer at Randburg police station has been accused of driving drunk – and being spirited away by fellow officers after a car accident. Katrina Miller was driving up Main Avenue on Tuesday afternoon, passing through the robot intersection at the corner of Oxford Street in Ferndale, Randburg. On the opposite side, about three cars behind the intersection, an officer driving a white, unmarked vehicle allegedly pulled out into the road in what was thought to be an illegal U-turn. Miller’s car smacked into the vehicle, sending bothRead More

Malema gets sequestration reprieve

EFF leader Julius Malema’s provisional sequestration has been extended to August 25, the High Court in Pretoria ruled on Monday. Previously Malema had until 10am on Monday morning to inform the court why his provisional sequestration should not be made a final order.

Drag-racing victims buried side by side

Solemn men led the procession, carrying the two small wooden coffins to their freshly dug graves in the Duduza cemetery. Distraught family members followed closely behind. Inside the coffins lay the bodies of Nolwazi Mnune and Azavela Sithebe. The two cousins were born within a month of each other, lived for four years by each other’s side, and died together on May 17.

‘Steve the Shopper’ helps himself at showhouses

A man targeting showhouses all over Joburg and Pretoria in order to steal easy-to-carry valuables has been nicknamed ‘Steve the Shopper’ by an online crime-fighting forum. The man allegedly calls estate agents and sets up appointments to view houses they have advertised for sale. He calls himself Steve or Bertus. While in the homes, he lifts cash and jewellery when the estate agent isn’t looking.

Teen mom in court over toddler found wandering on N1

A 19-year-old woman whose son was found wandering on the N1 freeway near the Grasmere offramp is expected to appear in the Vereeniging Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday. The woman was granted R500 bail in April. Her child was at a place of safety, Gauteng traffic spokeswoman Busaphi Nxumalo said at the time.

Domestic worker poisons family

An Umhlanga mother says she is consulting a psychologist for her four children following the alleged poisoning of their food by their domestic worker. “The incident has traumatised the four children. They have asked that I don’t employ a domestic worker any more. I hope to respect their wish, but that will mean I have to be a housewife. I now have to get a psychologist so that they can overcome the ordeal,” Mandy de Lange said on Thursday.

Public procurement problematic – Malunga

The government has comprehensive public procurement regulations in place but is weak in implementing them, deputy Public Protector Kevin Malunga said this week. The purpose of this regulatory framework was to ensure the government procured goods or services in a way that was fair, equitable, transparent, competitive, and cost-effective, he told the annual GovLaw Conference in Pretoria.

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